Product Familiarisation at Cable Training Services

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TE Three Piece Joint Course (TE-HVCA-CTSWRX01)TE Composite Three Piece Oil Filled Termination Course (TE-HVCA-CTSWRX02)TE 132kV Dry Plug-In Outdoor Termination Course (TE-HVCA-CTSWRX03)TE 132kV Dry Plug-In GIS Switchgear Terminations Course (TE-HVCA-CTSWRX04)Other

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Lovink K-Series to M-Series 12KV*Lovink M-Series 12KV Triplex Straight JointLovink M-Series 12KV Triplex to 3 Core PILC Trifurcating-Transition Straight JointLovink M-Series 12KV 3 Core Polymeric Straight JointLovink M-Series 12KV 3 Core Polymeric to PILC Transition Straight JointLovink M-Series 36KV 1 Core Polymeric Straight Joint**Pfisterer Size 1 – 3s Connex CourseTE MXSU-31XX series up to 12KVTE MXSU-61XX series up to 36KVOther

* Must have previously completed K-Series product familiarisation training
** Course is designed for installers working in pairs (sharing 1 joint). Must have previously completed M-Series 12kV product familiarisation training

If you have any requirements for Low Voltage courses, please specify the manufacturer and accessory type you are interested in...

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Safetrack Pin BrazingFurseWELD Exothermic WeldingOther

Cable Training Services offer a wide selection of Product Familiarisation courses from leading cable and cable accessory suppliers which include (but not limited to) :


High Voltage Cable Jointing, Termination & Cable Accessory Courses


Medium Voltage Cable Jointing, Termination & Cable Accessory Courses


Low Voltage Cable Jointing, Termination & Cable Accessory Courses

Why Choose Us?

We have a custom built, state of the art training facility based at our head office in Wrexham which has been specifically designed to accommodate training installations from low voltage jointing through to 132kV.
Our unique facility comprises of:

  • 3000 sq ft facility dedicated to training
  • Classroom environment with full audio visual equipment
  • Training workshop over two open plan levels
  • Product display and demonstration areas showing the full range of cable accessories available
  • Refreshment facilities and break-out area
  • On-site parking

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In addition , we have a Cable Training Services facility at our Cable Services Limited branch in Glasgow – Smith Electrical, which is capable of accommodating a number of the courses we can offer.


All our courses are supported and delivered by authorised trainers from the Group’s key supply partners. Delegates will receive any relevant certification upon completion of their course.


Our core business for over 40 years has been as specialist electrical distributors of a wide range of cable and cable accessories to all domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. Over the last ten years the Cable Services Group has increasingly been involved with contractors supporting the Electricity Supply Utilities (DNO’s), and also the multi utility contractors providing service connections in the rapidly expanding private networks sector.


Latest News

FurseWELD Exothermic Welding added to our training course portfolio
Recent Course: Lovink M-Series 11kV Transition Straight Joint Course
NEW courses launching in 2020


Highly recommend your training school to any HV jointing company looking to broaden their employees knowledge and skills. The setup and tools you have at Wrexham are spot on.

The presentation and excellent facilities for the TYCO 132kV course has not only given me more invaluable information, but also some great Jointing tips for the future.